Hello Beautiful, thank you for booking with Xplicit Hair Studio, I look forward to serving your beauty needs. 

Last Appointment: 330pm on Wednesday and 530pm on Thurs & Friday. Salon closes at 7 pm NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Booking Appointments:

We strive to deliver exceptional customer service in a timely manner and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us to continue to provide superior services. 

Business hours: Wednesday through Friday. Tuesdays are reserved for services requiring 3+ hours and a deposit will be required prior to appointment

Last Appointment:  530pm on Thurs & Friday. Salon closes at 7 pm NO EXCEPTIONS!  Natural styles requiring more time, an option to sit under the dryer until closing and for rod set you can bring your own rollers to wear home. :)

Cancelation/late Policy: 

A full 24 hour is required of you to cancel your appointment otherwise you will be responsible to pay 100% of your service. NO exceptions.

Late Policy: Please arrive on time to avoid a late fee, If you are late 15 minutes or more there's a $15 charge and depending on the service your appointment will be rescheduled.

Hair Service information: 

Long hair, super short or super thick hair requires more time and is an additional fee depending on service.

Natural hair clients:  Remove protective styles and completely detangle hair Before appointment. NO exceptions!

Relaxed hair: Do not brush or scratch your scalp nor shampoo your hair 2 days prior to your appointment. And protective styles should be removed 2-3 days prior appointment.

All appointments are tentative if there is a conflict with a date or time slot I will contact you immediately in regards. 

We have a right to refuse anyone services.