Welcome to Online Booking

The Wellness Room is now in Beta Mode and can be scheduled online!!

All repeat visit sessions are 1/2 off during Beta Mode, so this is a perfect opportunity to step into a consistent practice of self-care for health care

New visitors must schedule the 1st Time Session + Tour = Two hours for the price of one, including a personal walk-through to ensure a successful start on your wellness journey.

Use Link below to learn more:

wellnessroom (zoholandingpage.com)


Select a provider or resource (light therapy or wellness), then select a service and time

Prices can vary based on experience. Our providers have completed extensive levels of training and you are always in good hands.

Infusion Treatments include a complimentary Light Therapy session. Don't forget to schedule both!

Please feel free to contact us for any assistance

New To Us?

Our "inside out" approach uses a combination of topical steps, internal support products, and professional treatments to create lasting results that help clients feel more confident in their skin.

New clients should schedule a Consultation, or New Client - 1st Enzyme Treatment.

CONSULTATION = best for those with more complicated skin or health histories, and specific issues to resolve.

ENZYME TREATMENT = best for those seeking more consistent skin support and guidance with their home care regimen.

*New clients looking to schedule an Enzyme with Kenlee should contact us directly 

Thank You!