Kenlee's Skin Shop:  Online Booking - 24/7 for all your scheduling needs! 

Wise clients login frequently to yield the blessing of great services.  This provides a bounty of positive vibes and an increase of health & strength in the skin.  It is recommended to always being a wise client!   

We have 4 reasons to join: 

Be Organized Be Fabulous Meet Skin Goals Bragging Rights 


We have the following guidelines to help you have a positive experience:

1. New Clients:
If this is your 1st visit, please select "New Client - 1st Enzyme Treatment" from our scheduling menu. By choosing this service you are ensuring enough time is reserved for completing:

A full facial treatment, a thorough skin analysis, time to ask any questions, and last, but not least, an opportunity to discuss our personalized recommendations for your skin.  

Enzyme Treatments provide the most important intel that allows us to customize an approach for helping you reach your skin care goals.

2. Any Appointment:  
In order to see the correct open time options, please be sure to select your correct provider's name from the drop down menu (Kenlee or Oleha).

3. Reminder:  
Our online scheduler is a computer program (shocking, I know!), therefore, it possesses zero critical thinking/problem solving skills.  If you experience difficulty while trying to schedule an appointment, please contact your provider or Jackie for assistance:      

Kenlee Livingston:  
Oleha Verlander:  

Thank You!