Artatexture Hair, please read the below before booking:

Please note if you are having trouble booking or finding a date and time that works, or hoping to get in sooner, please do not hesitate to call us at 226-486-1240.  We will do our best to accommodate. 

If you plan on booking more than one appointment to accommodate your hair schedule we encourage this, however please do refrain from booking multiple appointments around the same date range, intending to only showing up to one. spots are limited and holding multiple spots within a small date range prevents others from booking. 

Colour Services

When booking a colour service and wanting to book a haircut as well, click the service that includes haircut with it ie. root touch up & haircut. If you select root touch up without the haircut, then that indicates you do NOT want a haircut and there will be no time to include it.  (Note: all cut and colour services include a blow dry and style)

If you are looking for a Specialized hair service, these include color correction, bleach out (full head or roots of going blonde/blonder), fantasy colour, extentions or a drastic hair change. Please call the salon first at 226-486-1240 and consult with a stylist. We want to ensure we have the appropriate allotted time to meet your hair needs. Consultations are free. 

Special Occasion

If you are looking to book a bridal party or a special occasion with more than 2 people requiring service, please call the salon at 226-486-1240 to book this. 

Let us know your Preferred Pronouns

If you have preferred pronouns please let us know, When creating your client card you can add this beside your first or last name. ie. John (he/him, they/them etc.) Jane (she/her, they/them etc.) Doe (he/him, she/her, they/them etc.)

Booking for your family member/child

If you would like to add a family member to be linked to your profile and to use the same email address, you will need to attach them to your file. (please note, that files can not be created with the same email, so if you wish to use the same email address for a family member you will need to follow these steps). 

This can be done through your account. How you add your family member is log into your account --> My account --> my profile --> scroll down to the bottom and click "add child". To schedule an appointment for your family member go to schedule appointment then you should see family member with a drop down list. Click which member you would like to book an appointment for and proceed. 

Thank you for reading the above and we look forward to seeing you soon.