Existing Guests: If you have booked an appointment at The Hair Mansion online before, simply reset your password to re-enroll in our new system. First time booking online? You will need to create a login and profile before you confirm your booking. Choose your service from the selection marked Individual Experience and confirm your booking.  


New Guests: Create a login and profile to get started. Choose your service from the selection marked 'New Guests' and confirm your booking.

Please note:  The best way to contact me is Jessica.Puglia@thehairmansion.com, The Hair Mansion is no longer reachable through phone or text.  

If you would like to request a silent appointment, please choose this option either in the color category or haircut category.  Only select one (they are in both categories for connivence).  You may also request this option at the time of your service.

If you need help booking, please contact us anytime.