Aloha! Welcome to The Pain Relief Center. 

We're dedicated to helping you feel better in your body through Bodywork, Acupuncture, Energywork and Spa Services.

The following services can be booked on-line:

Massage and Bodywork sessions can be booked in 60-min., 90-min., and 2-hr sessions with:

Providers: Kevin Schoonmaker or Jennifer Constantino

Acupuncture sessions and AcuFacial treatments are booked in 60-min. sessions with:

Provider: Jon Wilson

Massage + Express Facials are 90-minute sessions with:

Provider: Jennifer Constantino

Please call (808) 386-6763 to book your session for:

Any Groupon Vouchers

Couples Massages

Signature Ultra Lift Facials and AcuSpa Facials

These services have scheduling requirements that require personal assistance.