Welcome to Online Booking!

First time users need to create a log in name and password using their email address.  Instructions will then be emailed to you.  Please include your address and phone numbers.  When in doubt, call the Salon!!!!!  

Once logged in, create your appointment by selecting your service with the stylist you'd like to see.  All services should be booked on the half hour. FIRST TIME CLIENTS, or clients seeing a stylist for the first time, NEED TO BOOK A 15-MIN CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT WITH A NEW STYLIST.  

If you need to cancel an appointment, call the Salon!  You cannot cancel appointments online.  

When booking color services (one-step or highlights), those services must be scheduled first.  HOWEVER, YOU CANNOT BOOK BOTH APPOINTMENTS ONLINE!  PLEASE CALL THE SALON IF YOU NEED BOTH SERVICES.   All color OR highlight services must be booked at least one hour before THE STYLIST'S LAST APPOINTMENT.  When selecting your service  please be specific on whether you receive highlights or one-step color.  If you are unsure or need both, please call the salon to book your service.

Children's haircut prices are valid Monday thru Friday.  On Saturdays, adult pricing prevails.  

Please do not hesitate to call us with questions or concerns:  203.374.7111

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!!