Oh hey, Beautiful! We're excited to see you at the Bar soon! 

Rest assured, our Beautytenders are working extra hard to make sure your visit runs as safe and smooth as possible. To ensure this happens, we wanted to make sure you know what to expect at the Bar:

First and foremost, if you have been around someone who has been sick, or are feeling sick--PLEASE STAY HOME! (But of course call and let us know first.)

Masks will be mandatory for all guests and Beautytenders. Please bring one with you that secures behind your ears, but no worries if you forget--we will have them for purchase at the salon!

Please stay outside or in your car until THE EXACT time of your appointment, this will allow your Beautytender the necessary time needed for extra cleaning and sanitation between the previous client and you. With the current social distancing regulations, unfortunately we will not be allowed to have our usual waiting area or any extra guests in the salon. Please do not bring any additional people with you, or they will be asked to stay outside. (Unfortunately this includes children UNLESS they have an appointment with us as well.)

Lastly for everyone's safety, there will be plexiglass dividers between some service areas to separate guests as well as Beautytenders. 

So rest assured #beautygang, we are going above and beyond Ohio state regulations, to ensure your visit is as safe as possible. 

Stay happy and healthy and we'll see you soon!


VIVO Beautytenders