- Did you know E-Gift Certificate's are available? They're great to have in your " saved file" for when you need a quick & unexpected Gift of some sort! And guess what?! It's something easy to carry around, its lightweight & storage free! How easy is that, right?!

- How about Clothes to workout in? Are you looking for something new & comfy?! Check out the ERMc Hairstylist clothing line for the latest styles. 

- And lastly, are you for some reason confined to your house in which, it can hinder your ability to make your way into the salon? Embrace the ERMc Hairstylist Concierge Service. There will be a $50 service fee charged at checkout ( prices will vary 20 miles outside of Charlotte) 

In Salon: Tuesday & Saturday 

Thursday: Floating Day

Concierge Travel Days: Wednesday & Friday ( 4pm-7pm travel fees will vary)

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