I only come to Roseburg about every 5/6 weeks, Saturday/Sundays only!! So we need to plan ahead. I don’t leave the weekend schedule open to book online until we have talked. 

I’ll be working out of Monarch Medical in the Garden Valley Shopping Center, just to the right of Ross. 


Hello! Thank you for choosing Wink Studio for your Microblading experience, but before you book, please read the following 

If you are a current client of mine, and wish to book a 4-8 month or a 9-18 month touch up, you can book below as well.  Or call 541-871-3257

For all NEW CLIENTS and Previous permanent makeup ( Not MY WORK) (Consultation or need pictures of previous work emailed to me) Please book online to schedule your appointment online. Currently fee $575 (Check for current specials) 1/2 due at booking and 1/2 at booking along with any other service you choose. Remainder due at appointment. ***People with previous permanent makeup will be charged the same as a new client. It’s the same amount of work for me***

Avoid Blood thinners - 24 hrs before appointment No Alcohol, or Caffeine, Advil, Aleave. Don’t get Botox or Fillers within 10 days of your appointment.  Accutane in the past, need to wait 1 year before permanent makeup. 

Also, you cannot be pregnant or breast-feeding


MICROBLADING - Is a cutting edge method of permanent makeup designed to enhance the eyebrows. Using a hand held tool with very fine needle grouping, creating the illusion of hairs in your brow area. 

EYELINER - (Lash Enhancement)- pigment is introduced with a machine, inserted between your lashes under the skin. A numbing cream will be applied to reduce the discomfort. It may take more than one application to reach desired saturation. Do not book if you are using a lash serum. Call 541-871-3257

I don’t do a wing.

Lip Blushing - Is a semi permanent make up treatment that enhances the natural color of the lips. Blushing technique gives a soft lip tint effect, rather than a full on, pink lipstick look. I prefer that my clients at least on the first appointment go see either my dentist or yours for some dental numbing. Call to book a consultation for dental referral. 


Areola Pigmentation - Areola Pigmentation has been an important, restorative cosmetic procedure for many breast cancer patients. At Wink Studio, the Vicky Martin Method 3-D Areola, is used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nipple, Areola complex after reconstructive breast surgery. I will definitely need a consultation.  Call 541-871-3257

My Training - I have trained with the top educators in this country, because quite frankly my clients deserve the best. 

Kler Rosenberg - Beauty Angles -Florida Amanda Banks - Beauty Angles - Bellevue Wa 

Kristina Melnicenco - 5Star Academy -Texas Vicky Martin - 3D Areola - London 

Girlz Ink - Las Vegas - Alecia Shepira - Scar, Stretch Marks, Intimate Lightening - Florida 

Touch ups - For my current clients only!! all permanent makeup needs to have a touch up now and again. My Microblading services come with a 6/8 week touch up, included in the fee. 

Additional touchup after 6/8 weeks $150

4-9 month touch up $225

9-18 month touch up $375


First off, I understand that things can happen, but please be very aware of your schedule when you are booking for permanent make up. We book a lot of time for each service, and it is very hard to fill it at the last minute. And quite frankly, it is very rude.  So please kindly give me 48-24 hours notice at least so I can get you rescheduled without losing your booking fee(what you already paid me)

My schedule will text you 24 hours before appointment one hour before appointment and when you’re supposed to be in my parking lot. With your paperwork filled out! Look for CLIENT FORMS, back at my website 

*********NEW CLIENTS ONLY*********

Whew, you made it!! I think you are ready to book!!!

Make a profile and add your credit card, you will be paying something at booking depending on what service you choose. Pick a date and time that you prefer.  Hope to see you soon! 

Tonya ~ Wink Studio