If  you are now creating a new client account, first of all......Welcome and Thank you.     


We look forward to seeing you at your consultation or pampering you on your return visit. 


We want your visit with us to be enjoyable, and we want to communicate that we love pampering you, and customize our services.    That takes time.   Much of what we do can take 4 to 12 hours.       For this reason, we do not want you to have any surprises about any monetary related concerns, with broken appointments, and or the fees. 

 *Please only book with us if you are serious about doing business with us.      All of the work that we provide is customized, and we are not able to quote any prices over the phone or through email.     You will be asked to book a consultation.      

As we do not ever double book anyone during your time, now or ever, and you will always receive mulitple reminders ....if you decide or forget  to "no-show" it is a loss of an opportunity to give the time to another guest.    
Our Broken Appoinment fee is 100% of the time reserved. 

Policy - *All consultations & services are pre-paid and will be charged to your card immediately, upon booking. 



                                                                     All sales are final.   

  Booking any reservations through our site, through email request or over the phone means that you are agreeing to our policies.     


     We accept:   Debit, Visa, MC, American Express and Discover.    No personal checks or EBT.

  Please contact  at 413-734-6204 or email us at support@theloftsalonstudo.com

Thank you for your business, and understanding.

Loft Salon Studio