Welcome to ATIKA Styles online self-scheduling system. This online scheduling software lets you 1) schedule your appointment 24 hours 7 days a week, 2) request same-day appointments, 3) make future appointments, 4) reserve your favorite beauty product(s) to be ready for pick-up on the day of your visit and 5) inform the operator of your beauty request immediately.

I'm excited to bring this type of service to my patrons. My beauty salon will also continue to provide excellence, optimal care, and professional products I have to offer - from natural hair to chemically processed, eyebrows sculpting to facials and manicures to pedicures for women, men, and children. Because my focus is you: the client. ATIKA Styles is honored to help you to reach your professional and personal goals in life and we can -- Together!

Please feel free to inquire more about my salon, services, and products by visiting my website www.atikastyles.com, emailing:  atikastyles2@att.net, or calling/texting me at (216) 716-9978.

Note: All reservations require a deposit. Scheduling chemical and updo services see special instructions below.


Chemicals: Please, avoid shampooing, scratching, and using medicated products 72 hours prior to the appointment. As well as applying hair oil, creams/grease onto the hair and scalp.

Updo: Wear a button shirt.