-------REVISED FEB 2018---------

Dear clients,
It is imperative that you review payment/gratuity methods on glamarama.com before booking. You will find our booking stipulations as well as salon policies on the aforementioned website. We have more than 20 stylists each with different areas of expertise and policies.       
IF YOU ARE NEW to our salon OR new to your stylist, It is in your best interest to call the salon to book your first visit.

IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR STYLIST OR DESIRED APPT TYPE* CALL US! (*For efficiency, many services are not available to book online).  Some appointment types require a consultation which may only be booked by calling the salon. Deposits for these appointments may be required to keep the appointment on the books.

***Please note; if you book online without following our policies clearly stated on glamarama.com we reserve the right to cancel/alter your appointment at any time and we will only make one attempt to contact you via phone call when doing so, so please be sure we have a correct and current phone number so we can reach you.