Thank you for choosing The Lakeshore Spa. You have a scheduled appointment coming up soon.

Please take a brief moment to read our updated COVID protocols. Thank you 

*When you arrive for your appointment, please wait outside or in your car and complete your check-in, until we flag you to come in, our front door is locked at this time. We will ask you a few screening questions when you arrive. If you have travelled, you must provide an exact date of arrival home and confirm that you have tested negative or been isolated for 14 days. 

*It's important that we reduce the amount of people inside so we can maintain distancing. Friends and children are not permitted to accompany you to your appointment. Babies in carriers are acceptable.

*Please sanitize your hands when you enter the Spa.

*If you display any symptoms such as cough, sore throat or difficulty breathing, we ask that you call the Spa to reschedule 

*If you have been away travelling or in close contact with someone who has travelled or at a gathering of 15 people or more without wearing a mask, it is recommended that you do not book at this time until a 14 self quarantine period has passed.

*Extra time is provided between each appointment to allow for additional cleaning and sanitizing.

*We will reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who displays symptoms, who has travelled without quarantine or refuses to follow the new guidelines and policies imposed on this business as set out by the Provincial and Municipal Governments. 

*A 30% fee applies for last minute cancellations and for no-show appointments. Fees or minutes deductions will apply to Tanners that no-show scheduled appointments.

Please understand, as our small business does it's best to navigate through tough economic times and current pandemic, these late cancellations have a bigger impact than you realize and we need time to adjust the schedule or allow someone else to take that open spot. 

We appreciate the support of this local business and we looking forward to treating you