Welcome to the Lakeshore Spa

UPDATE: As of September 4th, masks are once again mandatory at the Spa. 

We continue to use Health Canada approved sanitizers and disinfectants

Extra time is provided between each appointment to allow for additional cleaning and our barriers remain in place

You are no longer required to wait outside until you're called in, please come in

Wear your mask into the spa & during your treatments

Please sanitize your hands when you enter the Spa

As soon as you develop symptoms, please call to reschedule so we can fill the spot

Do your best to keep an appropriate distance from other guests

Although we require certain personal information for our spa records, at this time, showing vaccine records is not required

Please do not bring children into the spa with you, kindly make arrangements for their care during your service

Cancellations & Rescheduling Cut Off Period - If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, the cut off period is one hour before the Spa closes the day before your scheduled appointment communicated by email or phone call. After that time, a 30% cancellation fee of the missed appointment applies and will be charged to the valid card on file or applied to the account to be paid prior to the next service. Please ensure you get in touch with us in time to allow us to fill the empty spot. Phone calls left on our voicemail after we are closed are also subject to a cancellation fee. When you schedule your appointment with us, you are agreeing to these policies. The fully policy is on our website under the About Us Tab

Failure to Show Up for Appointments - No-show spa/massage therapy appointments will have their accounts suspended until the missed appointment fee of 100% is paid. Because if the increase of no-shows, the fee has now been increased to 100% of the missed appointment. Clients that no-show more than once will have their accounts frozen until the fee is covered

No-show Tanning Appointments - Tanners that no-show their appointments will have an average of minutes or one day deducted from their memberships. After four no-shows, the tanning membership will be cancelled

Massage Clients Therapists are contract employees and are paid by the service. When a client no-shows a massage appointment, they have removed the ability to book in someone else and the massage therapist receives no income. They are given the flexibility to not re-book a client that late cancels or no-shows their appointment

Full details of our Spa Policies, including Gift Card, Children, etc are found on the on our website under the "About Us" tab

We appreciate the support of this small local business and we looking forward to treating you

- The Lakeshore Spa Team