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                          ACTIVITIES THAT MUST BE AVIODED PRIOR TO & AFTER TREATMENTS:                                                                                        (Meaning it would be unsafe to receive treatment and dangerous to engage in the listed activities after treatment)

                                                     Questions? Text  (503) 803-5534


24 - 48 hours

Shaving, Waxing, Threading, Depilatory Creams, Bleaching/coloring, Injectables, 


1-2 Weeks

Tanning, ANY Sun Exposure without SPF, injectables, Active Cold sores, Herpes outbreak 

**Planning any summer trips or outdoor activities? - REMEMBER You need to wait 2 weeks after any extra sun exposure to safely receive treatment. (Extra sun must also be avoided after treatment for 2 weeks)**

3-4 Weeks 

Prescription skincare (oral or topical), Retin A (Rx), Medications or ANYTHING that would make you photo sensitive, 

Photo-facials, laser treatments, Collagen Induction Therapy (micro needle), Dermaplaning, microblading, tattoo.

6 months - 1year

  Shingles, Facial Surgery, Chemotherapy Radiation, Active Cancer, cancer removal spots & Accutane



                                                  ATTENTION Weekened & after 5pm appointments

                                          The building is locked after 5 & on the weekends, make sure to ring the doorbell at the front to let us know your here and we will let you in!

GROUPONS - The full value of your voucher NEVER expires with us book anytime we are always happy to have you in!



  Please remember you MUST cancel with at least a 24 hour notice (48+ hours is appreciated) This helps everyone to get the appointment they want, giving us the opportunity to rebook your canceled appointment time and is deeply appreciated! ($20 cancellation fee without 24 hour notice) You can cancel your appointment through this booking portal or by texting (503) 803-5534

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