Important! Before booking, please read the following!

The wearing of masks is now optional. 

 Please stay home/cancel if you exhibit any symptoms of illness.

If booking a hair cut or colour appointment, in order to ensure enough time with your hair stylist, please use the following guidelines:

Short hair - Hair length that is 5 inches (12 cm) or less.

Medium - Hair length is above the shoulder but slightly longer that 5 inches.

Long - Hair length is at shoulder or longer.

If booking a hair colour service, if you would also like a haircut with your colour, please also book a haircut.

*Long hair past the shoulder.  For dimensional techniques, Ombre, or balayage, a preliminary consultation is recommended with your chosen stylist. Your stylist can determine how much time will be needed to achieve your desired result.  Please phone 250-374-2859 for more information.