Welcome to Online Booking! Please take a few minutes to create yourself a profile, read our little spiel and VOILA!

There are just a few things before you get started. Our stylist’s schedules are like Jenga and everything needs to fit tightly together~

If you are booking a Colour Appointment (This includes: All Over Colour, Root Colour, Bleach-out, Partial Highlight, Full Highlight) you will need to book it in a pair with another service. This is so that your hair has enough time to Process the Colour and so that there is enough time to Wash and BlowDry/Style your hair.

Par exemple~

Phaedra wants to book an All Over Colour so when booking with the stylist she will select two services:

         {Service #1: All Over Colour}

         {Service #2: Finishing Time}

Vivienne want to schedule herself in for a Full set of Highlights and a Haircut. She will also need to select two services:

        {Service #1: Full Highlights}

        {Service #2: Ladies Haircut}


That’s all!


Now go and be free and schedule yourself in for some Hair Love~


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