Welcome to Online Booking. At R3 Hair Studio you can Relax, Rejuvenate and Re-Invent yourself because you deserve it!

Here are some helpful hints when scheduling:

               * YOU MUST, Pick an Employee. After choosing a Service the "Any Employee" window shows up                    below the service choosen. Click the Down Arrow, it will give you the choice of two locations.                        Pick your location.  

               *  All over color or one color at the roots is called a Single Process.

               *  A Base Bump is a service, heavily hilighted clients use to faded the new growth line in between                    hilighting services.

               *  Color Correction, Balayage/Ombre, Keratin Straightening and Perm Services CAN NOT be                     booked through Online Booking. You must Text, Call or Email for these services, because of                     the length of time required is not the same for all clients.

Amy Chambers