So sorry!  

Oleander Aesthetics is not accepting      BRAND NEW clients right now.

At this moment I am no longer accepting brand new clients.   I'm currently slowing the growth of my business, so I can focus on those I currently have worked with.  This will ensure that you can find a place in my schedule; that when you need me I will be there for all your aesthetic needs. If you'd like to be added to the wait list please reach out with your info and follow on Instagram for updates. 

Thank you all for your support!

Emma at Oleander Aesthetics

*EXCEPTIONS: You have a gift certificate to redeem or are a returning client.


Returning clients and Gift Certificates...   

Hello!  Online booking is a great way to get your appointments organized.  I recommend scheduling your appointments as far in advance as possible (several weeks usually) to ensure availability.  Cancellations pop up sooner and are worth looking for.   

READ THIS PLEASE, IT'S IMPORTANT...  *To accommodate your desired appointment an UP TO DATE, NOT EXPIRING credit card is required to see what's on the calendar for online booking and to guarantee your reservation.  If the card is old the calendar will appear to be full.  Thanks!


*Away from the studio April 30-May 13th.

I look forward to seeing you!  

-Emma at Oleander Aesthetics