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It’s HAIR, HEALTH & FASHION and we look forward to you allowing us to help create the Blueprint for your Lifestyle. The Blueprint is the foundation of your plan drawn out from beginning to end highlighting how to achieve your goals. Mission At the Blueprint Signature Salon, our mission is more than just hair. Our goal is to help you with the foundation. We strive to go beyond the boundaries of hair with our amazing products, remarkable service and our loyalty to our guest well-being. We aim to provide each of our guest with a WOW Experience every time they visit! Our family of professionals is dedicated to helping render only the best quality service. As a family, we are always focused on developing ourselves through education. At The Blueprint Signature Salon, the principle difference in our service is our holistic approach to treating our clients with amazing words of affirmation and motivational content that help them (radiate or exude) style from within. We pride ourselves on educating our guests with the fundamentals needed to maintain and apply to their daily lives. We look forward to bringing John Amico’s knowledge and experience to our salon community. If you need any information please call . Toya Knowles 773-330-1876

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