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 Due to COVID-19 regulations we are currently taking scheduled appointments only.  We are currently booked for the month of August, and early part of September. 

We have waived all credit card entrees and cancellation fees for our clients.  If you have an questions feel free to contact us via text /calling



By the Board of Cosmetology and the State Of Virginia it is only that we practice these guidlines and disclose this information that we can open our salon and practice safe services.

  • We can no longer be Double booking clients, unless its family.
  • We will be limiting the amount of clients we see each day.
  • We will wear masks, and we ask you do that too.
  • We will offer hand sanitizer or the option to wash hands when entering the salon.
  • Salon will be properly sanitized between each client.
  • We will not be performing wax services.
  • You will be asked to wait in your car, or outside until you are called for your appointment.
  • We ask you leave anyone who does not have a scheduled appointment at home. 
  • We may ask you a questionnaire on how you are feeling or If you have had a fever? Or if you have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19. We ask that if you have, please quarantine yourself first before making your appointment.
  • We will ask to swipe your forehead with a thermometer before your service. iF you have a tempeture we will ask to reschedule your appointment.

If you are a health care provider working directly with Covid-19 please call me as I will work with you in coming up with some alternative solutions to getting your hair done. 


Grouping Services- You may notice when going to make your appointment the schedule buttons look a little different. What I did is grouped the services. Before when you made an appointment you would select each service needed. Example, if needed a single color and cut, you clicked single color then went down to select cut. NOW if you are getting a single color and cut you will find the button that says single color and cut. I have grouped services so the computer does not accidentally schedule clients within another's service time, and it allots the appropriate timing.

HAIRCUTS- You will now notice that when you schedule for haircut there will be multiple options based on length. Please choose based on the length you are walking in with, NOT DESIRED LENGTH. This is done so the computer can book the appropriate timing needed to perform each service. 

YOU MAY BE ASKED TO RESCHEDULE- Due to computer errors, or scheduling a different service than what is asked. I may need to ask you to reschedule. Each person is given a specific amount of time, that has been gauged very generously and appropriately for each service. If I believe your desired result will be longer than the time scheduled I may say this needs to be done on a different day. If you have questions and don't know what to schedule for send me an email, text me a picture, or call me to ask. Better schedule safer than be asked to come back.

Families Stick Together- When at all possible, we ask that if you're making appointments for more than one family member you find time in the schedule to come all at once. When making group appointments it's best to call or text so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time.

Thank you, and Praying for everyone's safety, and health

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