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I am fortunate enough to say I have been a stylist for almost 10 years and I love what I do!!  I find hair coloring fascinating and appreciate that clients trust me enhance, brighten, or even change their hair color! I enjoy short styles i.e. bob, lobs, textured short cuts, but definitely love the complexity of all different hair lengths and styles. Having the ability to enhance an individual's natural beauty is an amazing feeling. 

Knowledge is power and that is why education is very important to me. I have had the opportunity to attend many classes and shows and I intend to keep education a priority!

I am from Cincinnati, but Columbus stole my heart while attending The Ohio State University, GO BUCKS. Cosmetology was always a passion of mine so I sought out schooling, and now here I am.

I am married and have a furry bulldog baby named Maebel. 

Please contact me directly with questions or concerns.

I look forward to meeting you soon and if you are a new guest please schedule an extra 15 minutes for personal consultation.

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