About Us

Little Trimmerz inside Sola Salons is a specialty kid salon, for the whole family, owned by two moms that have over thirty years combined hair cutting and styling experience. We love working with kids and we love giving great haircuts to even the most challenging clients! We have been open since the end of May 2017 and loving it! 

Aamie is having a minor surgery on November 13th. Doctor says she will be need to be off for 2 weeks more depending on how she heals. Please be patient with our schelduling for the month of November. We will be closed some days so highly recommend making a appoinment. So sorry for any inconvenience. 




Let’s face it not every little guy or girl loves to get their haircut and it can be an intimidating experience. That is why our studio is a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment for you and your child. Come in and let you child watch TV or play an age appropriate game on one of our Xboxes. We even have a special Police Car chair for your little one to sit in while they get their hair cut! Aamie and Laschell believe in using only healthy and safe products on your children. Little Trimmerz carries all the same products Aamie and Laschell use on their own family. Stop putting harsh chemicals on your body. There is a healthy alternative that works just as well, or even better, then what you are currently using. Aamie and Laschell carry a full line of hair care products and they both love to share their knowledge of the hair care industry with every client that walks in their doors. No need to look in store or pay marked up prices and shipping online, because all the products you need are available in our studio!


***Monthly Tip:  How to take care of your curls. It is hard for natural oils produced by the scalp to reach the middle and bottom of culry hair because of its culry nature. So curly hair experiences low levels of moisture. Use a mild shampoo to cleanse your scalp and refresh your hair without taking away to much of your natural oils. You may have to prewash with conditioner to untangle and wash with shampoo then condition again. Try to use a deep conditioner and skip washing hair daily. Do not brush curls!! Use wide tooth comb or fingers when needing to freshen up and or a wet brush or detangling brush when wet then scrunch and leave alone try low heat in shower and when needing to blowdry try a difuser. Find a leave in product or styling aid that is best for your curls to achieve the look you want while addding moisture. Enjoy those curls!!!   ***

Donating Hair

Schedule a hairtcut appointment today and help a child in need of a wig! We will measure cut and send off your hair to one of three nonprofit organizations. (You are welcome to take the hair and send yourself.) 8 inches minimum to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, 10 inches or more to Locks of Love, 12 inches or more to Wigs for Kids. Please have your hair clean and dry. We cannot take grey or colored hair. You will recieve 10% off your Hair cutting service!!  Thank you so much for wanting to help and hope to see you soon.

Wanting to Receive a Wig

We are a Wigs for Kids Affliate!! If you are looking to receive a wig for your child go to www.wigsforkids.org and apply for a wig. Let them know Little Trimmerz will be the salon that will do the measurements and fitting.(Free of Charge) If needing a email address associated to this Salon use aamieromaniello@verizon.net. Once you recieve your kit contact Little Trimmerz to make your appointment. Private and after hours appointments are available for your convenience.We are here to make this process as comfortable and fun as possible We are so excited to be able to help your child look and feel their best. If any additional questions please call Little Trimmerz.




We hihgly recommend making a appointment. Please help our new business grow and schedule an appointment today!

  • 1st haircut certificates                                                                                     
  • Great for all ages                                                                                        
  • Video Games                                                                                    
  • Movies                                                                                              
  • Color Services                                                                                  
  • Fun Styles                                                                                       
  • Personal Comfy Studio                                                                    
  • Natural and Organic Styling Products                                             
  • Organic Lollipops                                                                             
  • Police Car Chair                                                                               
  • Donate Hair                                                                                      
  • Fireman Booster                                                                                     
  • Stickers
  • free nail painting with service upon request                                                                                    


                       Haircut Services                                                                                     Specialty Services

            Baby/Kids First Haircut        $17.97                                                                Conditioning Treatment        $10.00

            Kids Haircut                          $17.97                                                                Clarifying Treatment            $10.00

           Kids Cut + Shampoo                $19.97                                                                Detangling Treatment           $10.00 +up

           Kids Cut + Shampoo + Style    $24.97 +up

           Adult Haircut                         $20.97                                                                                         

           Adult Cut + Shampoo              $24.97                                                                   Color Services (By Laschell)

           Adult Cut + Shampoo + Style  $34.97 + up                                                      Full Head Application             $85.00 +up

           Bang Trim                            $7.00                                                                  Full Weave                             $85.00 +up

           Beard Trim                             $7.00                                                               Partial Highlights                  $65.00 +up

           Line Up (Ears and Neck)         $7.00                                                               Root Application                     $45.00 +up

           Shampoo                                 $4.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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