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~ I Want My Lashes Back!!! Lash Rescue~

Phase 3 means LASHES!! If you are a client and need a redo this is a fresh set for existing clients.

Natural/ Classic Lash Rescue $65

Dramatic/ Hybrid Lash Rescue $75

Volume Lash Rescue $85

Mega Volume Lash Rescue $95

~New Sets~

  • Full Set Natural/ Classic: Good for first time clients or those seeking a natural but noticeable look. 60-70% of lashes filled.   $95
  • Full set Dramatic/ Hybrid: Looking for fuller more glamorous lashes with instant drama? Mixture of classic & volume lashes. 80-90% of lashes filled. $110
  • Volume Lashes!: Volume method of applying 2 to 4 extensions per every 1 natural lash. $130
  • Mega Volume!- Volume method of applying 6 to 10 extensions to every 1 natural lash.1 natural lash. $150

~ Fill Up~

As your natural lashes shed, the Extensions that are attached will to. Fill up with our 1 hour service. Available if at least 40% of the lashes remain from a full set.

Natural/ Classic Fill Up $50

Dramatic/ Hybrid Fill Up $55

Volume Fill Up $60

Mega Volume Fill Up $65

~ Lash Lift and Tint~

Create lift, curl, and definition to natural lashes! Lash Lift is a semi-permanent lash curling that works with your natural lashes.

Lash Lift and Tint $70

~ Brows~

Tidy Up Brow Wax $12

This is an Eyebrow clean up with a trim. This is not for shaping.

Brow Symmetry $ 35

Let us determine the perfect brow shape for your face! We analyze where your eyebrow should start and end and where your arch should be. Then we create your beautifully shaped new brows. Includes mapping & waxing.

Brow Tint $30

For Your Comfort and Covid Protection


-Face masks and personal protective shield worn by your technician

-Medical grade sanitation on all surfaces

-Medical grade disinfection for all tools and supplies

-Private service rooms for social distancing

-All payment types welcome

-Contact tracing and screening



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