About Us

Welcome to the world of Hot Heads,

There is no better feeling in this world than helping another feel better about themselves.  I entered this Industry two decades ago with the ideals that I could change the world and move mountains through helping others feel good about themselves.  That feeling today is deeply embedded in who I am and what Hot Heads stands for in our community.  We strive continually to support those in need through donations to various charities, sponsoring local events and by reaching out as best we can to surrounding communities as well.  As an owner who is passionate about hair, I am on that continual search for like-minded, talented stylists who wish to not only be part of an amazing team but who wish to take a journey with something akin to family. 

Each and every person that walks through our door becomes family.  We want nothing more than for people to know they are welcome here, and that our little corner of the world is a bright and cheerful place of refuge from life's craziness. As a team of motivated stylists we are learning to incorporate some of life's little rituals with our clients to relieve some of those daily stresses and bring about a better relationship and balance between who you are on the inside and the outward reflection of you are to the world.  

And don't be surprised if every now and then there's someone playing a guitar on a random Thursday night, or singing during the holidays... we are, after all, firm believers that  music is a part of us all and that which gets us through as we rock the world one Hot Head at a time...



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