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More than "just a haircut" -- Bespoke Hair is built on attention to the details for your hair and grooming style. Do you like your hair to have a consistent look? Or, is reinvention your preference?

Bespoke Hair is a private, modern space where you can relax and refresh while receiving a top-of-the-line haircut and curated style guidance.

Anthony is your host, artist and technical expert. As a dual licensed Barber and Cosmetologist, his expertise includes a broad range of haircutting, barbering and skin care skills to support his commitment to helping you put your best foot forward. He blends modern technologies and ongoing professional education to create a bespoke cut and style to boost your confidence and keep you at the top of your game.

Looking your best doesn't just happen...

BARBER CUT     $55                                                      

+ Bespoke Consult                                                          
+ Clipper cut or fade - scissor detailing                            
+ Shampoo and condition                                                
+ Hot towel                                                                       
+ Post-cut rinse                                                                

Recommended booking interval – 2 to 4 weeks.

(40 minutes)                                                                      


BARBER SCISSOR CUT      $85                                     

Personalized haircut experience tailored to you.              
+ Bespoke Consult                                                            
+ Scissor cut - Bespoke tool details                                 
+ Shampoo and condition                                                 
+ Hot towel                                                                        
+ Post-cut rinse

Recommended booking interval – 4 to 6 weeks.

(60 minutes)


Custom haircut experience tailored to you.
+ Bespoke Consult
+ Haircut
+ Shampoo and condition
+ Blow dry styling
Recommended booking interval 6 to 10 weeks.

(60 minutes) 


+ Trim and Reshape

+ Cleanse and moisturize

+ Hot towel to finish

Time and pricing dependent on beard length and fullness

(20 to 40 minutes)


FACIAL REFRESHER     $40 TO $55(includes facial masque)                                                      

+ Hot towel refreshment  
+ Gentle cleanse, exfoliate, tone and hydrate

+ Face, neck and hand massage

+ Beards are cleansed, brushed and conditioned    

(30 to 40 minutes)              

COVID-19 Health and Safety


ENTRY TO Bespoke Hair...

1. Full Covid-19 Vaccination required with proof. Please bring photo ID and validation of vaccination which may include one of the following:

          a. original CDC vaccine card, copy or photo of the card

          b. documentation from a healthcare provider

          c. personal digital COVID-19 vaccine record issued by the State of California 

         (Youth not yet eligible for vaccination are permitted with vaccinated parent.)

       2.  Masks will be required per San Francisco mandate – disposables with ear loops for haircut access will be provided. 

3.  Masks may be removed for beard trims, shaves and facial refreshers while actively receiving these services.

4.  No beverages or food allowed.

5. A $2 COVID fee is charged per visit. The fee supplements the investment in air purification equipment and PPE required to open and stay safe.

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