Rachel Swan
WED. 9-5/ THURS. 12-8/ FRI. 12-8/ SAT. 9-4
angeline sykes
TUES. 9-5/ WED. 9-7/ THURS. 9-7
Stephanie M.
WED. 11-7/ THURS. 11-7/ FRI. 11-7/ SAT. 9-4
Angie P.
TUE. 11-7/ WED. 9-5/ FRI. 11-7/ SAT. 9-4
Chantal L.
TUE. 10-8/ THURS. 10-8/ FRI. 9-5/ SAT. 9-5. Moving forward, Chantal will only be taking on new colour services.(blowdry or cut incl.) If you are looking for a haircut ONLY, please feel free to book with any of the amazing Painted Team members. They will gladly look after you.
Jessie Rabideau
Currently on maternity leave. We have promised to take very good care of her clients until her return in early 2022. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.