Tu Browne
I am a highly skilled and dedicated hairstylist with over eighteen years of experience. My expertise lies in transforming customers' lives through the art of Highlights and Coloring, using only high-quality, organic products to achieve stunning results.
Alyssa Tamasoaalii
I am a hairstylist who specializes in textured hair, creating vibrant and defined curls that reflect your unique style.
Eren Shaw
A dedicated hairstylist committed to rejuvenating your hair using organic products. With a keen eye for the latest trends and a passion for personalized care, I strive to create stunning and healthy hair transformations
Bobbie Singh
1. Eyebrow Threading & Waxing & Tinting 2. Lashes ( Flare, Classic & Hybrid) 3. Facials & Micro Dermabrasion 4. Micro blading Or Permanent makeup 5. Piercings ( Ear & Nose) 6. Henna tattoo