Heather DiMambro
Employee Description coming soon.
Lisa Barber
Lisa loves to help clients feel confident and beautiful! She enjoys cutting long layers with movement, bobs with texture and short styles. Haircuts $63
Haylee Cadwallader
Employee Description coming soon.
Lo Merritt
No two clients are alike and Lo feels the same should be true about their haircuts. From soft, diffused long layers, to perfectly shaped curls - she will find the best fit style for you! She specializes in wavy to curly textures. Mens Cut $58 Womens Cut & Dry $68
Lauren Coletto
Lauren loves doing balayage and excels at coloring all blondes. She also love to shape curly hair,do tight fades and long layered cuts. Mens Cut $63 Womens Cut & Dry $73
Libby Talaber
Libby excels at short and/or creative haircuts. She loves to do bobs and is enjoys to work with all hair textures.
Valerie Lombard
Valerie (formerly known as Ava) loves to cut long layers & textured bobs, and styling voluminous blowouts. Mens Cut $63 Womens Cut & Dry $73
Joe Chlebeck
Joseph loves clipper fades & classic men’s cuts, blended natural highlights, and cutting all hair - classic, funky and modern. Mens Cut $63 Womens Cut & Dry $73 For appointments with Joe, please call 773.404.8789.
Stacia Janis
Stacia loves long layers, adorable bobs, natural-looking highlights and easy breezy hair. Mens Cut $68 Womens Cut & Dry $78
Josie Joseph
Josie loves all things hair! She is great with all textures and lengths including men's barbering. She loves doing natural to dramatic color, helping you to look & feel your best! Mens Cut $68 Womens Cut & Dry $78 For color appointments with Josie, please call 773.404.8789. There may be openi
Sarah Rochford
Sarah creates beautiful, effortless haircuts for all textures and specializes in waves and curls. She loves shorter women's cuts, men's cuts, and natural looking highlights/color. Haircuts $81
Jennifer Villacis
Jennifer loves to do highlights & corrective color, long layers, and fine hair. Please book in advance for appointments with Jennifer. Mens Cut $73 Womens Cut & Dry $83 For color appointments with Jennifer, please call 773.404.8789. There may be openings that are not available online.
Glenn Rischke
Glenn loves the classics as well as more modern styles from long layers and men's barbering to aggressively short women's cuts and textured men's styles. Mens Cut $73 Womens Cut & Dry $83
Carrie Smith
Carrie loves doing classic shapes that last, men’s cuts from classic to crazy, and she is amazing at razor cuts. Carrie does beautiful hiliting that brings out the best in every guest. Mens Cut $78 Women Cut & Dry $88
Laura Boton
Laura loves to shape long hair, loves doing all things razor cutting, and is an expert at curls, curls, curls. Haircuts $103 For appointments with Laura, please call the salon at 773.404.8789.
Rebecca O'Sullivan
Rebecca loves to do beautiful, full arches, bridal & special event makeup, and to help her clients achieve the best results in skin care possible.