Tess Offord
Tess knows skin. She's helped Marin look fabulous for 15 years with her unique approach that's as much a partnership as a practice. She specializes in finding the right combination of treatments and products that match your skin type, your life and your goals.
Charis Castellanos
Employee Description coming soon.
Ruby Hackney
Ruby is our waxing ninja who specializes in below-the belt services. She is a perfectionist (aren’t we all at Gloss?) who turns awkward into comfortable, wild into tame. Ruby has over 15 years experience at high-end spas in Marin County and the loyal following to prove it.
Michelle Smith
Michelle brings straight-up glam to Gloss. Her skin-care, waxing and makeup experience hails from luxury spas, tony salons and star-studded movie sets. Our resident brow specialist, Michelle can tame and tone the most unruly brow.